Food food and more delicious food!

After being a little worried about my first dinner and feeling a tad bit seasick, I was very pleased to have slept so soundly the entire night. We had the door of our balcony open, and it was the most relaxing to hear the water, feel the breeze, and see the moonlight shine against the water. It’s truly an experience, and so happy to be doing it!
We selected from a menu some breakfast items so we had something to start the day with, and got some muffins, juice etc. We then headed up to the pool area to meet some others that we’d met up with the previous night. We got to know a girl from San Antonio, some others from a company called, and it seems like everyone on board is a travel agent somehow.
What’s cool about the cruise, is you really get an opportunity to meet and hang out with people. We have been so surprised at how under capacity the boat is.. only about 1800 people are on board the ship designed for 2700. The good news with this is that the adult only section is quite available, and the pool, being a little small, seems plenty big for the amount of people that use it simultaneously.

We then went to a theater to watch one of their broadway like shows. This one was ‘Twice Charmed’, the story of what really happened to Cinderella after the ball.. It was really quite well done, but being in the theater made me feel a little sick again. It was formal night, so wearing a tie with pants made me feel uncomfortable. So, right after the show, I went straight to the room to take a ginger pill and tabacum and I instantly started feeling better. That has been a godsend!

We then went to dinner at the restaurant called Lumiere’s. That night was a Prince/Princess menu which means everyone on the ship ate the same food, so I’m looking forward to returning to see what the food is really themed like. We got butternut squash ravioli, with lambchops and an amazingly delicious dessert spread. The food has been really impressive for ‘buffet style, and as much as you can eat).

We ended the night up watching a funny ‘match your mate’ show with some nice passengers that had been married for 43 years down. A ventriloquist did a fun show and played with the audience as well.

We then hung out with our ‘singles’ group at the night club which literally went from 200 people down to us 10 within minutes after the show. I was surprised how few people were on board in the evenings and out-and-about. The ship literally turns into a ghost ship at night—which can be extremely pleasant. The night air is perfect with the moon being full, it gives an amazing feeling out in the Caribbean!

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