Alvaro´s Birthday Party


So, tonight, Leo and I went to Alvaro´s birthday party, which ended up being one of the oddest events I´ve ever joined. It turns out that this Alvaro, while only turning 23, has already published 2 books about Philosophy and is well renowned by policticians and other aristocrats alike. When we arrived, I thought what an odd potpourri of people sitting around the living room. Ages from about 8 – 60´s, I couldn´t quite figure out what this party was about. As in Argentinian way, we are introduced and kiss on the cheek, which is quite a nice custom. I met a girl who had lived in LA for 10 years. She was just 18, but moved to the US at 5, and now has returned to a new life in Buenos Aires. She was a very nice girl, and it turns out that instead of going to University, she is producing her first Pop/Rock CD album, all with 10 tracks and a bonus track. She explained different aspects of her recording and mixing of the CD, which was all quite interesting. But then, as more people arrived, Leo let me into who was joining this party.

There was the Chief Designer of South America´s Chanel stores, all in her regalia of Chanel. There was Nelly Prince, a famous Tango singer in the 40´s or 50´s. She even sang a song for us. But the most interesting guest, came in with her sunglasses on and waltzed over to Leo and myself, and gave each one of us a kiss on the cheek–she was Patricia Bullrich, who was a Congresswoman and ex-Labor Minister who ran for President during the 2003 election after the huge Argentine Crisis.

I kept thinking to myself, this 23-year-old kid must be something if all these people are showing up to his birthday. Anyhow, during the party, there was a woman singer, and a man guitar player, who played all these patriotic songs that apparently ´define´ Argentine culture. This is according to an older woman who was perched down right beside me as we listened to the songs. She was quite into the music as she even took the microphone herself sometimes! Anyhow, it was definitely an interesting night!

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