An Emotional Ending of SFU

Last night, the package from my brother arrived with a videotape of the Series Finale of Six Feet Under. As this was a show I started to watch during my summer in LA, it’s amazing how connected to the characters you can become. Though when I moved to different places, I didn’t have HBO, and wasn’t able to keep up with it as I liked. But, I did get the DVD’s to catch up, and I’ve been reading avidly this past season so I can see the finale.

What an amazing piece of artistry. Even from the beginning scenes, with Ruth’s falling into depression, I was teary up until the end where I was absolutely balling uncontrollably. The way Claire moves on to see what’s out there for her, and the separation from your family of what during your childhood would seem like an eternity. When she takes the picture of the family and Nate is whispering, you can’t take the picture because it’s already gone–the evolution of growing up and older and on and forward, it was just so intense. Bravo to Alan Ball and the cast for making such an amazing piece of creativity affect so many people’s lives. And what a gift to be able to make so many people realize what life is about and encourage everyone to LIVE.

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