Around Bangkok

Now we’ve decided to go do something cultural–so we went to the National Museum which was about 10 minutes from the grand palace. On our way there, we saw several tourists, along with the little ripoff tourist shops selling all sorts of souvenirs. We passed several little streets that looked like typical Bangkok streets–some standing with water, with the people just walking bare foot in it, others, just with food stands throughout the street. We finally arrived at the museum, after asking someone teaching at a University we passed–turning out to be the University that some of the Thai students at ICU are from. So, we saw a lot of interesting architecture, elephant seats, old buddhas and so forth. Really too much to take in in one day, but we tried! After leaving the museum, we took our first ride on the Tuk Tuk, which turned out to be quite an experience! For just 30 bat (90 cents), we got our own Tuk Tuk, with driver, to take us all around Bangkok for how ever long we wanted. These guys were so cool too, and took us first to the huge golden buddha. Something that some of the locals sell is a cage with birds, and Julia bought a cage to set free–that is the reason they are selling them–it gives good luck to the one who sets then free. The buddha was huge, and it was interesting to see the houses that surrounded the beautiful statue. After leaving the buddha, we got back to our TukTuks, where we passed several pictures of the King–his birthday is on the 5th of December, so all of Bangkok was decorated with his pictures–many posed, others not. We then went to a small temple located next to a school, where we met the nicest English teacher wanting to practice his English. He told us a lot of interesting things about the temple we were at, so we all had a good time there. We then returned to the Tuk Tuks ready to eat, so we went to McDonald’s just so curious of how cheap, or how good it was. Exact same! They do have some different sauces available though=) The Tuk Tuk drivers then took us to a stop that they have to give all foreigners…to the handmade suit shoppe. They make handmade suits fit to your body, and keep your measurements for 5 years, so you can have them sent back to your home if you want some more made. Of course, I don’t need a suit, so I didn’t get one, but Maya and Julia both had some made. We then went back to the hotel to find finally a good place to eat some traditional Thai food. The bellboy told us of a really good place to go on the river, and it really turned out to be the greatest meal. I had some satay, and all sorts of food. It was so good. We then went back to the hotel to sleep.

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