Arrival in Germany

The flight was really quite easy. However on the last couple of hours I was getting restless with excitement and my uncomfortable seat. It’s amazing because I think if they just added a different way to recline in the seat, it could be a really comfortable trip. The girl who sat next to me, Chanel, was a really nice girl doing some award travel herself. However, she had already been on quite a journey by the time she came to Dallas. She had already flown from Chicago to Nashville, and Nashville to Dallas!

After we landed in Frankfurt, we headed to get luggage. My Tennessee Tag had been torn off :( It was its first trip too! After my luggage came out, I went to find a German SIM card so I could start texting Judith.  The lines for train tickets were insane so I went to the automatic ticket machines to get my ticket. After going through the process, it wouldn’t take a credit card. *lame*.

I finally got my tickets at the travel center and got the next train to the Frankfurt station and transferred to the IC train to Marburg. It was a painless journey. Judith was right at the station when I got out of the train and she looked the exact same as when I saw her last — 10 years ago!

We then drove to her new house, had some breakfast, and I got a good nap in while she had her nails done. In the afternoon we went to the center of town to do some shopping for errands for wedding type things, and had a nice brat with potatoes–it was half a meter long curled up on the plate!

When we got home, we started doing some nametags and ribbon cutting for various things. We’re hoping that the weather is good for Saturday’s wedding! Ulf came home finally after a long day of work, and it was so great to meet him! We all sat and chatted until it was time for bed.

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  1. Ben can’t wait to see photos of all the events of the weekend. Hope it’s just as Judith hopes it will be.

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