Arrival in Granada

When I arrived, I was quite tired as I didn’t sleep so well on the train. Unlike my first train ride years ago in Russia, I found that the Spanish train turned a lot and made it difficult to sleep. When I arrived, I followed the instructions provided by the hostel to find Bus #5 to no avail. No one apparently knew where this bus was, so it was pretty frustrating. I continued my walk with my backpack to the bus station that the bus was supposed to take me to. I found it luckily, and was able to catch up with the directions there.

I checked in, and a bitchy German woman was the reception. I apparently interrupted her morning cigarette and I asked if this was a smoking hostel. Luckily it wasn’t, to her apparent annoyance. She did a good explanation of the town and said that I wouldn’t be able to check in until later in the afternoon, which was suspected. I put down my stuff and got out my phone to message Shane to see how we would be able to meet up. He had written saying he was going to the Alhambra at 2:30 so I wondered how I would be able to meet up. While I was looking at my phone, Shane walked up behind me–we had unknowingly booked the same hostel!

Since I couldn’t check in really, we went out for the morning and headed to the Alhambra to see if I could get tickets. The german woman said that I’d have to wait forever in line and I needed to just get a ticket for tomorrow. Good thing I didn’t listen to her. After our nice walk up to the Alhambra, we found the ticket line which had a whole 4 people in front. So within 5 minutes, I had my ticket and ready to go.  We had a bit of time before we could get in so went and had lunch. After our lunch we went to line up.

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