Arrival in Santa Marta

This morning, we got up rather early to ride a minibus up to Santa Marta. We were told to be at the neighboring hotel at 8am, but were also told that it would more than likely be very late. Much to our surprise, the little minivan arrived at 8:05 and had our names and two seats available right in the front. We got our luggage loaded and we were on our way.

During the ride we saw great landscapes including the ocean to the left, and the start of beautiful mountains to appear in front. After about two hours, we stopped for a rest and snack, and were surprised at how fast the trip up was going.

We then were dropped off just blocks away from his aunt and uncles’ home. We visited with them for a while and had an amazing lunch. Chicken wrapped in bacon in a creamy sauce with mashed potatoes and wonderful salad. After a nap, we met Andres’ cousin, and we went to pick up dinner. We stopped at a little stand to get these corn made items like an areipa but rolled.

After eating, we went out with his cousin and friend go Tagonga where there’s a beautiful beach and various bars. We walked around and found a really great bar that was run by a French owner. It was real;ly nice.

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