Arrived in Sydney

Hello from Sydney Australia! I arrived this morning after a very long flight direct from San Francisco. It actually didn’t seem too long, but I was definitely glad to be on ground again. I got all my baggage (3 HUGE bags, and a backpack) all checked out, and I can’t believe I didn’t get hit up with any custom duty charges for all the equipment I’m bringing in! My new camera, laptop, monitor, etc..

Anyhow, Mike was at the customs exit waiting for me–good thing he’s tall, cause I spotted him quickly! We met quickly and headed for the U of SYD table to pick up my orientation stuff, and headed out the door to Paddington, where I will be staying with Mike and Traci. Traci is a girl we met during our first trip to Australia in December–she sat next to us on the flight home, and we just enjoyed each other’s company so well!

I’m quite tired and will be heading to bed soon, but stay tuned as the next few days will be packed with stories I’m sure!

2 thoughts on “Arrived in Sydney”

  1. Ben, we are so happy that you arrived safely. We know you will accomplish whatever you set out to do, and for that we are extremely proud of you. Take care, and we love you. Mom and Dad

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