Attacked by Swans on the Lahn River

Judith and I went down to the river that cuts down through Marburg. It’s a really nice and peaceful setting and they have these paddleboats. So, we rented a paddle for a half hour and started on our journey upstream. There are however lots of obstacles in the river. Shallow parts, ducks, swans, and other paddle boat drivers. The worst one was the encounter with the swans. They came right up to the boat and fluffed their feathers at us and we were freaking out. I wouldn’t have been scared except Judith had just told me a story about a swan who was attacking someone and another person came up to the swan and grabbed its neck and swung it up into the air to get it off the victim. So, I knew these weren’t just the pretty duck-looking birds that gracefully glide through the water, yet pretty people-eating animals hidden by a serene facade. So, needless to say, we arrived safely back at the dock, and are off to lunch!

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