Bargaining with Electronics

So yesterday, I went around an electronics plaza to look for the IXUS 500 at a good price. Well, I found several shops that were willing to negotiate.. going from S$700 down to S$580. Then I ended up going to another store on an upper level for the potential of getting maybe even a lower cost-my reasoning was simply there are tons of bazaars downstairs, and less people are likely to come upstairs, so maybe they would go even lower to get a sale. Well, I thought I had thought right. I found a store with a very friendly staff, and I told them straight up that I wanted the camera for 575. He agreed but then tried to show me other models. After 30 minutes of negotiating, and going back and forth, I really wanted the canon still, and got my credit card out to pay. Well, since I didn’t buy anything else, he said, oh, well that model I can’t sell you that one because it is with a warranty. That is of course BS because the warranty is in the hands of the owner-whether or not they want to participate on such a program. This was his way of trying to say that I he didn’t want to honor his price because I didn’t get anything else. I couldn’t believe that after all that time, that he withdrew his offer. This is one of the reasons bargaining can be frustrating. I did get sandals for half price (of asking price I suppose).

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