Beautiful day — and again, beckoned to Ipanema!

This morning, we woke up to the noises of people around the apartment building–and it’s a good thing. The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect out! We got our stuff together and headed to look for a rental place for bikes so we could bike along the beach pathways. As the time went by, we ended up at Ipanema soaking in the rays, and then left for some lunch at a nearby restaurant, next door to Bofatado. I had a ‘bauru’ sandwich made up of beef, ham, and egg with a side of french fries. It was really great. We then headed for a bike shop, but we didn’t have enough money to leave a deposit–so we opted to head back to Ipanema to enjoy the beautiful weather. We ran into Don and his crew again, and set up near the same area. We kept our eyes peeled for hang gliders jumping off of the cliffs behind the ‘Twin Brothers’, but, we never saw any.

After the beach, we headed back to where Joe was having a painting created for him. It’s a scene of Rio, but split into 3 paintings. I really like the work of this guy, and I think I’ll be commissioning a painting from him myself. Price is really reasonable, and one can never own too much hand painted art from Rio :)

While we were sitting with the artist, a guy named Alex started up a conversation with us and spoke of his times in California to learn English. He was really enthusiastic about English, and Star Wars (even knew trivia about George Lucas) and wanted to meet with us again so he could practice English and show us Rio. We invited him to come hang glide with us tomorrow!

We’re now off to a sushi restaurant that is paraded as one of the best views of Rio as it is near the Lagoon, and looks out over the statue of Christ the Redeemer. This should be fun!

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  1. Hey Ben. Glad you are having fun. What a great place to choose to hang glide! Talk soon

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