Biking through Innsbruck 

Today we decided it would be fun to do a little bike tour throughout Innsbruck.

We were able to find a place to rent our bikes, and thankfully they allowed us to park our car there while we biked around the city. We had a map provided by the rental company, and started exploring Innsbruck by bike. This is by far the best way to explore a city.

We were able to find great bike paths throughout the city that passed by huge mansions being hugged by their neighboring mansions. The tree-lined streets brought a home town feel in this majestic surrounding landscape which seemed like a backdrop to a movie.

We decided to ride for two hours initially, but extended it to three as we wanted to explore more.

We ended up having sushi for dinner as a change of pace from our German heavy meals, and while the sushi was decent, it did make me miss my accessibility to fresh sushi in so many areas in Austin!

After our dinner, we roamed around downtown exploring the old town some more and Robert enjoyed (another) ice cream for dessert :)

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