Birthday Weekend

This weekend, I celebrated my 27 years of life. It’s interesting how birthdays make you do just that, think of your life. I like to think of it as a time to also set new goals and such–like New Year’s. Perhaps, reaffirm what I wanted to do this year, and make sure that I keep on track. 26 was quite a year for me. I started it with a surprise party in San Francisco, set plans for coming to Australia, quit my job, visited country 26 and 27, moved to Sydney, visited Hawaii, visited New Zealand and have now started my second of three semesters of my Master’s Degree. I’ve learned a lot in this move, and I think it’s given me even more focus on what I want out of life. So, things are looking good.

I recently moved to a new apartment in Newtown, a very diverse area of Sydney. It’s a great area with tons of restaurants (re: can’t cook) and an easy fun walk to university. My classes this term are quite interesting, and I’m looking forward to the projects. With the new flat comes new flatmates, and this weekend, they took me out to dinner at a cafe nearby, then on to the IMAX theater for ‘Mystic India’ a 2-d film on India’s culture and land. It was absolutely beautiful, and I am eagerly looking forward to any opportunity I get to visit India.

Today, I also went with a group of friends to finally visit the Sydney Taronga Zoo. With breathtaking views of the city from across the harbour, the giraffes definitely have the best view of the city. Check out the view here!

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  1. Hey Mate, sorry i couldnt make ur party buddy! Happy bday, im a big fan of your photos and keep smiling cheeky! xx

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