Butterfly and Snake Farm!

This morning we woke up again, and again had a problem with some ingrates being late, causing the bus to wait again, over 45 minutes. I don’t know where these kids were raised, but I am certainly the one that wasn’t raised in a barn, which everyone assumes, me being from Tennessee and all. Anyhow, we went to board our bus to take us to an Elephant farm. Here you could pet the elephants, feed the elephants, ride them, watch them do everything–even play soccer!! So, of course we did all the above, and after a couple of hours, we then went to a butterfly farm for lunch.. again traditional Thai. After the butterfly farm, we went to a snake farm, and watched a show with cobras. I held and kissed a huge snake around my neck. How fun. After the show, we got on the bus again to head for a waterfall near by. It was nice to be in the nature, and again get to talk to a lot of people again more closely. We all really had a great time together. That night, we went out to Chinese dinner, which isn’t your regular sweet and sour pork, but instead, pig ears, swan feet, chicken skin, you know, all those types of foods we seem to just forget. So here I am, hungry for a ham sandwich with a swan’s foot sitting on my plate. And it’s not like they tried to disguise it in a sauce or cut it up or anything. Just a big webbed foot on my plate, sitting next to a pig ear. What was I supposed to do? Well against everything I was taught about you are what you eat, I decided to go ahead. You can call me a swan’s foot if you like =) We then went home.

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