Chiang Mai

We woke up to meet the aunts (right next door) for breakfast. Of course we had some problems with people being soooo late and rude, there were some small arguments among them and the people who are on time, this time, I was not the minority. We went to meet our own bus, which had been rented just for us! It was great. It took us to a temple that has 300 stairs, on top of a mountain. So, after climbing the stairs, you’re pretty high up, and it was gorgeous once you came to the top, seeing the entire city of Chaing Mai below. At the top, there were temples where Monks sat ready to pray for us, so we went in and got blessed, which is shown by the bracelet being tied on us. The girls were NOT allowed to touch the monk at all, as he wasn’t allowed to touch them either. I still have my bracelet on by the way, and once it falls off, I am to throw it in the nearest tree. Ringing bells at the temple also gave me good luck, I guess, and we all took our time to look at the breathtaking view below us. I had to rent some pants, which were SO FUNKY, I had to take a picture of the sky blue rags. Our next stop from the temple was a hot spring. Some people bought some eggs to boil in the natural spring. I and many others went for the mineral bath and massage–a whole fifteen dollars for the works! So, we took a nice bath, the water feeling really different–a smelling as sulfur YUCK. But then we went to the hot tub for a while, until the ladies were ready for us. They called us, and me and Adrian (Monica’s brother) went in first, and they rubbed us down with all sorts of lotions and performed their traditional Thai massage. I could use one of them now, this typing is hard. That was all fun, and then we went to the bus, and went back. We went to the market again to find some more gifts, ate at Swenson’s YUMM and then went back home.

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