Club One

I’ve now joined Club One, and it’s been really great so far. What’s nice is the fact that there are about 6 different clubs in close proximity to me that I can go to–each with some type of different facility that I’ll find useful. For instance, last Sunday I went to the Union Square one for a workout and swim. Then on Monday, I did the Body Conditioning class at the Nob Hill one. Then on Tuesday, I was at the Oakland City Centre one for racquet ball. Then on Wednesday I did Rock Climbing at the Citigroup building in the Financial District. So, the changing of clubs keeps it interesting, and available to meet lots of people. I’m so glad I joined. Here’s to a healthy 2004!

One thought on “Club One”

  1. Nice to hear you’re keeping fit all over the place! … now find a good combat class and practice that kicking to the music ;-)

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