Contents of Dreams = Reality?

I’ve often wondered when you dream something, that you don’t really ‘understand’ or ‘know’ per se, that if you checked to see if those ‘facts’ or things that happened are actually true. This mainly happened in my dreams when they’re in Japanese–if during conversation there’s a word I don’t know, and I stop to ask what that word is, when I awake, if I’m able to recall that word, would it mean what in my dream the person told me it meant? It’s hard to wrap your mind around that, but it happened again to me last night when not only I ended up having an Australian accent in my dream, but I also was told a joke, that I didn’t get, but only got when the person in my dream explained it to me, to awake, to totally get the joke, but not know where in the world that joke came from. Are these experiences that we actually have gone through, or are we constantly churning out good humour and knowledge through our dreamscapes?

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