Cordoba Spain

After spending the night trapped in Algeciras, we made our way to the train to get to cordoba. Luckily the hotel wed researched was in walking distance to the train station and arriving at noon, the temperature was surprisingly not hot. The train ride was nice and comfortable, and the scenery was really beautiful. We kept a look out for the solar farm, but never did see it :(

Wandering all through Cordoba, we made it to the main sites and went into the most impressive church ever, the Cathedral of Cordoba. It was originally a Catholic church, then turned into a Mosque, and then back into Catholic, all while keeping the styles throughout creating a beautiful mixture of clashing religions. After spending a lot of time photographing the inside, we went and walked around seeing the old mills in the river. We then found our way back to the restaurant we’d had a snack at earlier and had dinner, a beautiful seafood paella, where we were soon joined by a man and his wife from Australia.

Halfway through our meal, they turned around and just started chatting with us. The more we chatted, the more involved our chat became, and the longer we sat enjoying their company. They finally joined our table and had the rest of our dinner with us and we talked about all sorts of topics, including the Gaza conflict, America’s problems with guns, and Scottish Independence. It was so exciting to have such ‘worldly’ conversations, especially after feeling like I’ve been educated more in this trip than my entire highschool world history class.

We then left our new friends and found a spot to watch Flamenco, and see a performance over dessert. We sat for just about an hour and shared a small cake while waiting on our other order, which never came. Of course, we had to send the check back as they’d charged us for 2 desserts. Flamenco wasn’t really my cup of tea, and an hour was plenty for me :)

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