Day Around Melbourne

Today I went out all around Melbourne. I first headed to the Prahran Markets which is a marketplace selling all sorts of fresh goods from coffee, flowers, to meats and fish. The scents were alive with the commotion of people, and I found myself having a flashback to being in Russia. It’s funny how scents do that. After having lunch nearby, I headed to Melbourne’s own Luna Park down toward the water. It’s an amusement park just like Sydney’s with the same entrance. It’s right next to the water’s edge, so I wandered down to the pier and took some pictures along the bank where a shipwreck sculpture had been created. I’m still surprised that Melbourne isn’t as cold as I would imagine. I then headed back to St. Kilda where there’s a palm tree lined street with tons of shops and boutiques. Melbourne has a huge tram network, and these cars can be seen all throughout the city. The city I thought of in comparison, was Hiroshima with all of its trams.

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