Dial ‘000’ for Emergency

Today I headed to the University of Sydney to check out the campus and go to the arrival orientation. I arrived early, so I checked out the Student Union, the International Office etc. I got my email account set up, headed back to the lecture hall where my orientation was going to be held. At the orientation, there were about 10 of us. About 3-4 from the US, 2 Germans, 1 French, 1 Israeli and some others.. Orientation was pretty basic, but gave great info on opening bank accounts, obtaining a Tax ID, working here, how to enrol in my courses..oh and that the 911 of AUS is 000. There were mostly grad students which was cool.. 3 of us are in the same faculty, so we’ll see if I have courses with any of them.

After orientation, I met Slava, a cool guy from NY who is on study abroad here. He’s Russian, and rock climbs, so hopefully I have a rock climbing buddy to hang out with. I then attended the housing session, and hopefully I will be able to find some adequate accommodation soon.

Anyhow, after the orientations, I headed to National Australian Bank to enquire about their services for students.. then on to Commonwealth Bank. I opted for Commonwealth and set up my first Australian Bank Account!

I then headed for the mall on Broadway, had a late lunch, and started feeling the effects of jetlag a little. I know I have to keep up until tonight to set me on time, so I’m trying! I then headed over to Pitt street and opened my cell phone account there. So, today, was quite eventful!

Tonight, Mike and Traci are having a couple of friends over for a dinner so that will be great. I’m having a blast seeing Mike and Traci again!

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