Downpour on the streets of Florence, and the Paint Shoppe Man

I decided to head out and orient myself with the city and walk around. Unfortunately just after an hour of walking, I found myself in a terrible storm, well mainly just rain, and having to run from overhang to overhang. I found myself also in a paintshop for cover, and I asked the man how to get to the center of town. I had to ask first if he spoke English, then I offered Spanish, or German, and he said nothing, so I opted for asking in Spanish since the two languages are quite similar. I did add the Italian accent, you know the I a wanta go to the traina station… And he understood, and showed me the direction. The rain got worse however, so I waited a bit, and he tapped me on the back and had an umbrella in his hand. He offered me to take the umbrella for my walk, and I insisted that it was ok, but he wouldn’t take it back, so now I have an umbrella JUST IN CASE of another torrential downpour in Florence =)

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