Dreary Day in Marburg

So, the weather today was really not that nice. Even though it’s not cold, the skies were completely gray. So, we just walked around the town, got a Kebap (Turkish hamburger/sandwich) and sat next to the river to eat. We also stopped to get some Milka* and it was very cheap. So, I got my essentials for the day. Milka and Water. We went to the market place in the morning and that was really cool to see the way the shopping on Saturday’s work here. It was in a square and had fresh meats, cheeses, flowers, and produce, and it’s tradition. So, I took some really good pictures there, and hopefully I’ll be able to post some within the next couple of weeks. I’m looking everywhere to try to find a place that I can download my pics to! Judith and I will be going to Star Wars Episode II tonight at the Cineplex (It’s the English version, so I’ll be ok). The theater is pretty new, so it should be a nice evening. Then we’ll go to a Biergarten (Beergarden) that’s in the town and have a drink and some bratwurst =)

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