Exams are over! My First Semester is Finished!

Last night marked my last exam for my first semester here in Australia! I cannot believe how time has flown. I mean, in January this year, I was making plans to come here, applying for Sydney University, and thinking of closing up shop in San Francisco. I had my 26th birthday in Vegas, and planned for my leaving my job to pursue this masters degree. It never seemed like it would be here, and now, I’m finished with my first semester! Last night’s exam was the toughest exam, so it’s quite a relief to be done, but an even bigger relief when I see the final marks come out. Tomorrow I leave on vacation to Kauai, Hawaii, to meet up with my best dear friend Rebecca to spend Thanksgiving together. It’s going to be fantastic to see her and get caught up in everything that’s gone on since I’ve been in Sydney. I’m really excited for the amazing scenery that should prove to be perfect photo ops for me!

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