Flight to Langkawi

We flew from KL to Langkawi the next day, and arrived in a TINY little airport. We took a taxi home with some other foreigners from Austrailia? and they told us about some good beaches to go to. We found our hotel, and went to the beach for a nice tropical dinner on the sand. The next day we went around where our hotel was looking at the shops and such. I always wonder why a hotel would bother having a pool when you could walk just 2 minutes and lie on the beach… oh well. Keiko decided to take a parasail ride over the beach, while I waded in the water. It was soooo relaxing! Not many tourists were there, and it was nice just to rest. We went to the different stalls around for great cheap food>> meals for as cheap as $.75 for a lot of good stomach filling food. Unfortunately, this vacation came to an end, and we had to fly back to Singapore to get our flight the next morning for Japan.

On the flight back to Japan however, I got to see a great view of Mt. Fuji from the air. Coming back to Japan was fun, because I was meeting Traci to go tour the rest of Japan. Boy, that day was really tiring for both of us. We went to Tokyo to get back to my apartment.

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