When Joe and I arrived back to the apartment, we were standing in water. Somehow, the sink was plugged and water was barely dripping, but I guess from having spent an entire afternoon at the beach, the water accumulated enough to fill up the entire sink, flow out into the bathroom floor, on into the foyer, down the foyer to the living room along the edge, under the closet, and right past the bed. The entire length of the apartment was covered! And, the floors were marble-granite, so they started showing wetness. I was worried we weren´t going to get our deposit back, but we started cleaning up the mess with all the available towels and such. Since Joe´s flight was at 7, he wanted to make sure to leave on time, so he left at 4:30, it was a quick goodbye and I headed back to try to mop up more water. At 5:00, just as I finished mopping up as much as possible, the doorbell rang for the check out… which was about 30 minutes earlier than I expected. So, they said they would come back and give me some more time to pack.

Right after I finished packing, he came back and did a check through of the apartment. I was so scared that if he saw the discoloration of the marble, that he would investigate more, like the puddle underneath the bed or closet!! But, all was checked ok, and I got the deposit back! WHEW! Then, off to the airport I went! Chao Brasil, and Hola Argentina!

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