From Cologne to Marburg

So after another connection in Gießen and a 10 minute delay, I arrived in Marburg and Judith was waiting for me at the station. It was really cool to see her after these few months. We went back to her apartment and it is sooo nice! It is a really nice town that she lives in, with all the traditional German architecture. Every house looks like I should be seeing Hansel and Gretel come walking out of it. We spent the day roaming around the city to the castle. The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm. We then went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant and really were able to catch up on everything that had been going on in our lives. It was really so amazing to be sitting here with Judith and having dinner here in Germany. I am having such an awesome time getting to learn about Europe more, learn more about life, travel, and myself. Life is simply good.

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