Full Circle!

I have now completed my first leg of my trip, making a complete circle around Europe and am now back in Amsterdam! I left Emmanuel’s this morning and headed for the train station to board the nice fast train to Amsterdam Centraal. I also found a place selling cheap English magazines, so I got caught up with the world by reading Newsweek and Time Magazine. Looks like nothing really has settled down, so it’s kind of nice to be removed from all the violent news being shoved in your ears everyday by the media. Anyhow, the trip was nice, and I found a hotel with almost no trouble. Not to say that I didn’t have to bargain or to go to a few before I found a good one, but how can you go wrong when you find a hotel named, “Hotel Ben”?! I talked him from $60 for a double down to $40, so I figured that was the best I was going to be able to do considering the past 3 hotels were asking for over $60 to begin with, due to it’s location next to the station. I will leave tomorrow for Sweden at 4:30pm, so I will just spend the day strolling around the canals!

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