Galya’s New Apartment

So yesterday night we met up with Galya, who studied at UT with Judith, and we went to her place near the center of Hamburg. Now she had told us that it is a nice place, but you would not believe the place!! It´s brand new and the place looks like one of those rooms out of an IKEA catalog. So, we walk in, and it is beautiful. It´s 100m2 and humongous for just one person, with perfect location to the train station. It is really cool that we were able to stay here, because it´s a nice base for us to use. Today we went out to the University of Hamburg and looked at the campus. Galya is still studying here and is doing her thesis work and so she´s quite busy now. After going to the University we went to walk around the city, got ice cream, and went to a park to take a nap. The weather has just been unbelievable since I have arrived, and we´re definitely taking full advantage of it!! Tomorrow we will be getting up early to take a train to Berlin!

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