After arriving in Kyoto station, I made my way tithe bus stand to get the bus to the gion district. The line da huge so I opted for the subway. After a short EIDE an a pretty straightforward walk (considering the lack of street signs in japan) I made it to the hostel. After checking in, I started my walk down the most beautiful street that was full of cherry blossoms and a small sleepy shrine. Then just as I took out my camera, a maiko stepped out on full paints face for a small photo session. Not even an hour on Kyoto and I captured what may be the best piece of photography of my life. I couldn’t stop taking photos. Each one was a work of art. I cannot wait to post them!

After a bit I headed to find some lunch.

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  1. Can’t wait to see more photos!! All is well here. Take care. Love Mom & Dad

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