Haarlem Visit

So, this afternoon I took a train to Haarlem because someone in the Youth Hostel suggested that it was a cool place to visit. Sure enough it was. It was about a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam Centraal, and I arrived and just walked around the city. They had a unique city center, which looked very nice with all the cafés and all the chairs pointed toward the streets. While I was walking down one of the shopping arcades, again, I hear someone say, “BENJAMIN!”. Low and behold, another person I meet! Ha. Well, even though it was random, it was just a group of people I had met in the hostel this week, and they were doing some sightseeing there too. Still, thought it was cool to have my name yelled out =) So, I walked with them for the rest of my time in Haarlem, and then went back to the train station for Amsterdam. I’m going to take a quick nap, because I’ve been invited to Sigrid and Paul’s house for dinner (they’re two students that were at UT for a year). I’m off!

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