Hamburg City Walk

Judith and I started off this morning and went for a nice walk around the city seeing the sights. We had breakfast at McDonalds, and I got an elephant stuffed animal with my meal from ICE AGE. It will be fun to throw it out a train or something… After breakfast we headed for the city center and looked through the shops, finding nothing to buy. We then went to the Gänsemarkt again and had some lunch (a nice turkey curry flavored wrap). After lunch we found dessert and went to the Binnenalster which is a lake near the center and sat for a while. After a short rest, we headed for Michel which is a church with a tower that you can go up to look out over the city. Then we walked more around the city to find an internet café so I could check some mail to figure out more about my upcoming travels–(depending who’s around, I need to let people know when I’ll be arriving etc.. )

Now it’s off to dinner and meeting Galya and seeing Judith’s new apartment. (She’s moving to Hamburg in August for an internship)

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