International Dance Party and Me — Starring as Gumby

So tonight, I headed out to the Colombian to meet Sherri, a friend from the states who works for STA.. She stayed with me in San Francisco for a weekend before she moved down to Australia. Mike met up with us later and there was a group of about 6 of us.. It was great fun. Mike and I then headed off to my school where they were holding an International Party for all the incoming international students. We met up with Paula, the bassoonist, and a few other people, and we started meeting others left and right. It was such a great mingle party.

Then, they announced LIMBO. They said the prize would be 2 tix on the water in a jetboat, or a huge BAG filled with different chocolate for 2nd prize. Obviously, I started in Limbo for the chocolate, and before I knew it, it was me and about 4 others left. This is when it got personal–they introduced us all, and everyone was cheering. Down to 3, and then, it was just Me and a tiny girl from singapore. Everyone was hilariously cheering me on, cause I had a good foot of height on her.

Anyhow, we kept going, to about 66cm off the ground, and I finally knocked off the pole! Anyhow, it was pretty cool fame, cause then more and more people would say hello and such–that I was amazing! I had a HUGE bag filled with all sorts of chocolate to take home with me for the evening. I say job well done!

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