Ipanema and Joe´s Late Send Off

Today, Joe and I headed for Ipanema yet again to get some sun. Today is Joe´s last day, so he wanted to go get a pair of Brazilian jeans. We found some great jeans, but as usual, they don´t have my size. Anyhow, the weather was great, and we had a nice time at the beach. For lunch we headed for the sushi restaurant that we had seen the previous night as we were waiting for the girls. They had a lunch buffet that was ok, nothing stellar. We then headed back to the beach and soaked up more rays before it was time to get Joe back to the apartment to finish packing. As time flies, we got Joe a taxi just at 5:40pm for his 7:05pm flight–So, just in case, I wrote a notecard with our address on it–as I´m not very confident he´s going to make it! Tonight I have plans to meet up with Melissa and her group of friends to go out for a birthday party tonight–should be interesting!

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