Tulum Mayan Ruins

This morning, I got up and got ready for my Tulum Mayan ruins tour. The tour group assembled early at 7:15, so I got some breakfast and headed down to the group. Luckily not so many people were on the tour (just 22 of us), and we headed out to get on board another boat for a ferry ride. This boat was rocking so much that when we got in, we had a small orientation of what we were doing, and they immediately started passing out bags. It got me a little nervous, because I hadn’t brought any ginger pills with me, and it was feeling really stuffy in the boat. As soon as the ‘orientation’ was over, I asked if I could go upstairs to the outside, and they let me while most everyone else stayed in the first deck. Upstairs was beautiful, sunny, warm, with a great breeze, and I had no issue with the rocking of the boat. I think a few people got sick, and I’m not surprised because being couped up in the first stuffy floor with other people getting sick seemed absolutely terrifying.. not sure why no one else really came outside for the fresh sea air.

We then arrived and walked to a bus station where we boarded a bus to take us to the ruins. It was cool to get out of the touristy area and see some real streets, stores, etc, however I guess most of the area is actually touristy anyhow. We arrived at the ruins and were brought into the grounds where these old Mayan templates were built within a protected wall (Tulum). It housed about 300 higher society people like astronomers, mathematicians, and the dieties. Overall, it was a great trip out to see these ruins, and take in the beautiful weather, scenery, and culture!

After a ways back to the ship, we all met up and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon basking in the sun aboard the ship.