Beautiful Beach Day at Byron

Last night, I met a couple of germans that I ended hanging out with until evening. In the morning, one left on his way, and the other and I met up with a Canadian girl from Calgary and walked to town. The weather has been perfect which I’m so glad about due to the poor forcasting. We spent the entire morning/afternoon on the beach and enjoyed the waves–I still have sharks in the back of my mind so I’m constantly looking, as if that’s going to protect me, I’m a fast swimmer, but I’m sure I’m not THAT fast. Tonght I’ll be hiking up to the Lighthouse which is on the point of Australia’s Easternmost point. It’s the first bit of land to see the sun in Australia :)

Drive to Byron Bay

Today we got a rental car from Europecar and started our drive down the Gold Coast Hwy. The weather was great despite all the forecasts showing us thunderstorms during our entire stay. Once we got to Byron Bay, I headed for a hostel that was a little out of town, but right across the street from the beach. The rooms were cheap, and it had a nice feel to it. After check in, I headed to the beach and enjoyed the sun and playing in the waves. I’ve forgotten how fun it is to just try to surf the waves by using just yourself, and how much energy it takes! The day was gorgeous and I headed back to the hostel to have dinner. I had a great trout, avacado, pear, pumpking salad and relaxed while reading the latest edition of Who! (OZ’s People Magazine). After dinner, I headed back to the town to find some dessert and gelato as I watched a sand sculptor complete his masterpiece on the beach with candles. Beautiful day, beautiful night. I’m glad I came!

Day at Surfer’s Paradise

Today turned out to be much better than yesterday weather wise. The sun finally started coming out and I headed for the beach and played in the waves for a couple hours after having lunch. The waves were fierce and everyone was jumping towards them and having a blast. It was great fun. I should be able to get some good photography shots of the newest building–Q1– which is the world’s tallest residential building. Last time I was here it was only complete to about levels 34.. and now all 78 have been completed. It’s beautiful.

Off to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay!

Today, I headed for the airport to visit the Gold Coast with some fellow americans. I’ve never been to Byron Bay, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see the famous Byron Bay during the summer months. The weather is said to not be the best, but hopefully that’s just typical ‘poor forecasting’. After we arrived, we headed for the hotel and enjoyed a nice swim before getting dinner. We had dinner at Surfer’s Paradise then headed to a bar where Anna’s friends from Bond University were going to be dancing. So we ended up at the bar and enjoyed some music and some dancing and then called it an evening.