Kathryn from San Francisco..or Boston?


During my stroll last night, I was on this bridge with tons of gothic statues looking up at the golden-lit castle in the background. Everyone is out enjoying the dry night. I took some pictures playing with the shutter speed and stuff with my elph =) Anyhow, this girl walks by, looks my age, and for those of you who have traveled abroad, Americans are SO easy to spot. So, I asked if she spoke English, and since she was alone, would she like to go for a walk. Well, it turns out she just moved from living in San Francisco, to Boston. She also just arrived in Prague from Zurich, having been in her best friend’s wedding. So, we talked about my work and where I should move (note to myself > use www.craigslist.org and find LAKE MERRIT). So, we continued walking and went all over the city having great conversation. So we ended the night and decided to meet again tomorrow at 11:00am for a day of touring. This will be a lot of fun so I’m looking forward to it.

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