Kawagoe dinner

After we met for dinner, we went to sakanaya and traditional upscale dining restaurant. When we entered we were given 5 choices of our mains. I chose the tuna carpaccio while the others chose red snapper, tuna jaw, and snapper.

Quickly our first course arrived. I don’t know what int the world we were eating but it was art. Afterthe first course a huge second course came out with our mains, miso soup, a whole crab, a rice dish, steamed gelatin like pea and carrot soup.

After this course came a sushi plate. There were about 6 nigiri so fresh they melted in your mouth.

After this as the dessert platter that had about twelve notes of various fruits, gelatins, sorbets and creams.

It was a meal fit for a king. After dinner we caught a bus and heads ban to the train station and I got my stuff packed an ready to go to the airport the next day.

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