La Mala Educacion

Yesterday, Mike and I went to se La Mala Educacion. What a great film. The way it was layered between the actual story, the movie, and the memories was really very interesting. After seeing it, there was this excitement of my life that everything is going so well. Afterwards, it’s this little thing that happened that made me so happy about the direction my life is going. Mike and I went to get gelato, and I didn’t have any cash on me. He only had $2. I found $.20 in my pockets, and he found $.55 in coins. Together we came up with $2.75 — the cost of the gelato–luckily, tax is included, and we were able to empty all our cash on our treasured gelato. 2005 is starting very good..and I can only think it’ll be one of the best years of my life.

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  1. Hi Ben!
    How are you? )
    I’m fine, now I’m at home. On Saturday I again leave 4 Moscow. ))
    Today, on 1st February Grisha got his 1st tooth!! ))
    Oh, I went to the cinema for this film in December. :PP

    So, plz mail to
    I’ll be glad to write you back)))

    &.. Who is Mike? )

    Love you, Katya)

    p.s. Jenya never passes me your questions & wishes. :| i’m sure you ask him to do it. %)

    my icq is 155079162. ))) – old pict)

    see you)

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