Last day aboard the Avatar


This morning we woke up bright and early after spending the night looking at the stars– we saw Scorpio, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and the Southern Cross. It’s incredible how clear the skies are with no light pollution. And thankfully, we had a very well educated skipper who was able to point us out all those stars! We then headed for our first destination again for snorkeling and again, saw so many amazing things! We enjoyed the day lounging around, snorkeling, taking pictures, and just relaxing–. Once we docked, we all headed our separate directions and I went with Florian the german guy to his hostel, which seemed pretty nice. We got checked in, and had our first shower for the last 3 days! It was nice to feel clean, but I’m still bobbing a little! We then headed out for a walk, and then everyone’s meeting up at 7:30 at Magnum’s for a night out :) This trip was a definitely great value and I’m so glad I did it! What a life experience! Just wonder what I might get up to next–stay tuned :)

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  1. How exciting to know that you have had such a great trip. Can’t wait to see the photos. Love you much. Mom and Dad. All is well here.

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