Last day of my trip

My journey has come to a close. What started as a challenge and a celebration of my 35 years here, I’d always wanted to do a trip completely around the world. 161 Days, 23 weeks, 3,864 hours covering 35,000 miles to places in Asia, Middle East, Balkans, and the north of Africa, I accomplished what I set out to do. I’m extremely proud of myself, my planning, and my courage to go on this journey, and I am coming home with a renewed sense of self and appreciation for my life. I have been extremely lucky on this trip with health, safety, and overall, have little negative experiences in all that I’ve seen and done.

A few fun stats from the trip:

Countries Visited: 17

Miles Traveled: Over 35,000 miles not including camelback, horseback, elephantback, swimming distances, sandboard distances, swimming distances, but including bullet trains, local trains, buses, share taxis, vans, and private cars.

Items Lost along the way:

Japan: Bigger vacuum bag with 1 pair of underwear and 1 shirt

Laos: Pair of shoes left at the waterfalls

Cambodia: Hat

Morocco: Hat, Lame sunglasses (on purpose)

Times Sick:

China – Upset Stomach

Laos – food poisoning

Portugal – Sinus Infection

Morocco – Upset Stomach

Items Stolen: 0

It was an incredible trip. Thanks to everyone who participated simply by liking a picture or a commentary of something I was experiencing. It made my connection to home feel alive.

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