Last trip to Ikea, and Hard Workout

This afternoon, I headed for the new Ikea over in Rhodes. It was in a large shopping centre near the train station, so made it convenient for me to actually transport things I buy home. I got another pillow, a lamp for my shelf, a side unit for my desk that has room for files, some tupperware items, a desklamp, and another towel–so it was eventful. This evening, Chris, my flatmate and I headed to the gym for the ‘Pump!’ class–this was my first time to a gym for almost 2 months, so it felt good to get back into exercising. The hour workout consisted of all sorts of body conditioning, and really got me sweating! I will choose a gym this week, but I don’t think I’ll be going to Chris’, because it’s a little farther than I want to go. Tomorrow starts uni! My first class is an evening class, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the students in there–I hope to make some new cool contacts.

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