Leaving Argentina–with blades??

This morning, VERY early (4:30am) I headed to the airport. Once I arrived, I got checked in and had my money perfectly calculated to leave me just enough for the taxi, airport tax, and a ham sandwich with orange juice, with just about $1 left over.

As I went through security, they asked to see my bag. They asked if I had a swiss army knife, which, I know better than to pack one of those. We couldn’t find what was causing the xray to show this, and I kept emptying things out, and then we would go back to the xray to see this blade looking object in my bag yet again. They kept searching, and sure enough, there was a swiss army knife. I was shocked, as, I know I didn’t JUST pack it, and if it HAS been in there, that means that no one in Atlanta, Houston, Sao Paulo, or Rio de Janeiro ever found it. It is EXACTLY like the one that I have, so I don’t think anyone ‘plotted’ it on me, but I just don’t know how I would have had it in there. The last time I used the backpack was in Australia, and we brought it on board with us, so I know it wasn’t a leftover packing from there.. who knows, anyhow, it’s gone now.. and I’m off to Brazil for a long layover–on the beach!

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