David and the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition


This morning I got up and headed for the statue of David. It was quite impressive, and I can’t believe how someone actually made it look like a real human out of a piece of marble. I mean he even had veins in his hands! The statue is huge too, a lot larger than I would have thought it to be. Anyhow, after the museum I wandered around to find the tomb of Michelangelo. Not much to see other than a building.. or you can go in for a hefty entrance fee.

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

The Irish Kiwi Angela last night told me about an exhibition going on in a little town on the outskirts of Florence on the mountain. So I decided to head over there for the afternoon not only to get a better view of the city, but to play with the interactive exhibition of Leonardo’s engineering. You know, he had plans for at helicopter, bicycle, and all sorts of things that could be touched. It was nice, plus the view from the mountain was amazing. Really cool.

Of course, the more I travel, the more I realize how coincidental meetings are no matter what continent I am on. So I walk into my room, which had been vacated in the morning by the guys that slept there last night, and there is a guy from California, and girl who had just finished doing her semester abroad in Florence. We introduce ourselves, and find out where each other is from. Dana, the girl from Chicago said, oh I know someone from Tennessee, a guy named Raley. I said, Raley Parker? YES! From Chattanooga right? RIGHT! No way! How funny. Turns out she met him in some sorority/fraternity function, so I know it’s the right person.. I mean, how many Raley Parkers are out there?

Tonight Dana, Andrew and I (the people who were rooming with me) went out to nice restaurant that Dana knew. I ordered a Lemon Veal and salad, and it was the best thing I have eaten in a looong time. I cannot believe how tender it was! After dinner, we strolled along the streets, watched a band perform, and took some pictures of the Ponte Vicchio Bridge.. When we came back to the room, a guy from the Netherlands was in our room. He turned out to be one of the funniest guys. So, we all stayed up just chatting, and finally went to bed.

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