March Festivities — Mardi Gras

March will be a big month. The first week begins the countdown to the huge Mardi Gras Parade and Festivities. Sydney is world renowned for this event, and the streets are already being flooded with tourists coming for the event. March also is the beginning of the Fall Semester at University of Sydney. I will begin classes on March 6! My classes this semester should be quite interesting and on the whole will be focusing on Global Marketing, with emphasis in the Asia Pacific regions.

Along with these festivities, my birthday is coming up. I cannot believe I’ll be 27 this year. When I start thinking of ‘how many years since such and such’, it really starts sounding old. For instance, it was 8 years since I graduated High School, 6 years since living in Tokyo, 4 years since graduating university, and 9 months since I moved to Sydney.

So to celebrate march, I’ve decided I’m going to get an iPod nano. This will solve the problem of lugging my 20gb 3G iPod to the gym and having my headphones pull out of my ear because of not having any way to hold the iPod closer to me. This new nano I’ll be able to get an armband for and I can move freely while exercising. When will there be a waterproof one so I can swim with it!

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