Market and Walking around– Submarino and Churros!


This morning, well, afternoon, as we woke up past 12(!), we headed for the markets that sell fake things like Adidas, Nike, Puma etc. It was fun to see a new area of town and it was quite comparable to the open markets I remembered in Thailand, selling all their Oakley goods. After the market, we headed for another street that had tons of shops selling things and I got the new Shakira CD. After that we headed down the street and had an AWESOME churro– a long fried donut that is injected with Dulce de Leche. It was so good! We then stopped at a café and I had my favorite drink here– the submarine! It´s a glass of steamed milk with the chocolate bar dropped in. After the café, we continued to walk around.

We then ended up at a Pizza place for dinner, and continued talking throughout the evening. Before we knew it, it was almost 10 and my bus was leaving back for Buenos Aires at 10:30! We jumped on the moto and headed for the house to pick up my things, and then sped off to the bus station.. I was JUST in time! Told Brian goodbye and got situated in the coche cama (seat that reclines to a bed) and headed off for BsAs.

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  1. Hey Ben – It was great to see you – think of how cool it is that we can both read each other´s blog about the same events?!? Enjoy Bs As buddy!

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