More Sightseeing and Rob & Stephen from APL!


The next day we went around to Buckingham Palace again to watch the changing of the Guard. This procession led through the streets with all the soldiers and bands. Unfortunately, I wasn’t tall enough to look through the crowds and see what was going on in front of the palace with the actual changing of the guard, but I do know it was blistering hot outside, and I got tired of standing in the sun trying to imagine what was going on. So, we left, and continued on to Westminster Abbey.

This is the most famous church in England, where Princess Diana’s funeral took place. The church was absolutely breathtaking with it’s huge ceilings. The coronation throne was in the church as well. Many famous people in history had been buried there also. After touring the church, we headed for other parks, and then on to walk around the city.


That night we went to meet the other trainees in my program at Swedish Cottage for a nice dinner out. Here I met Rob and Stephen, guys in my class who are completely hilarious. We had exchanged emails throughout the year, and to meet was great fun. I’m looking forward to their visit to San Francisco!

At dinner, we went to a Spanish Tapas place where we ordered a lot of food. The food was good, but small. The bad thing about London is the fact that the food is soooo expensive, it was reminiscent of Tokyo.

That night we went to another club, and I danced my heart out until the wee hours of the morning. Amazing how much energy you have when work doesn’t get in the way!

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