Morning on Copacabana, Afternoon Downtown


Today we spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon at Copacabana, which I think is less of a nice beach than Ipanema. After Joe rearranged his travel plans to stay until Sunday, we had our lunch and sat on the beach for a while before we noticed that there was no haze today! So, we decided to take a taxi to the Metro station and head for the downtown area again to take some pictures of the most historical area of Rio– near Cinelandia, there’s a huge plaza called Praça 15–we saw the grand Theatro Municipal–We wandered around the streets, but Rio’s downtown doesn’t seem the safest area for pickpockets and such, despite the loads of Police everywhere. Everytime I took out my camera, I was warned by a passerby to keep watch out–so, we didn’t stay long in the area. We headed back to the train station, and boarded our subway back to Copacabana.

Half way back home, we ran into Thomas, a german guy whom we had met a few days later randomly at the Corcavado. We met his friends and talked about what he had been doing during his visit–he was having a good time as well, and who knows, maybe we’ll run into him again soon!

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