My Big Fat Fianc?

Did anyone watch this show last night? Absolutely hilarious. I loved how genuinely the girl laughed practically the whole time. Not familiar with it? Here’s the low down:

A girl has been chosen to participate on a reality TV show. She’s been sequestered for 3-weeks, no contact with her family friends. During this 3-week time away, she is to make her friends and family believe that she has met the man of her dreams, and they are getting married in 14 days. If she can get her family to attend the wedding, without revealing that it’s a con, she will win $250k and her parents will win $250k. The catch?

It’s a huge, sloppy, nasty, crude man, who’s being paid to act to the point of her losing the money.

Has reality TV gone too far? I think not, I totally dig this stuff!

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