New Friends, Beautiful Weather, and Endless Food!

Today we woke up to beautiful warm air—which is a great trend! The air has constantly been getting warmer since we left and having the door open during our sleep is so incredible. We went to Palo, the on board restuartan that is not a freebie. They had an elaborate brunch, but honestly not worth the $20 fee. It’s a buffet style, and while the buttermilk pancake was incredibly delicious, it was still just a pancake. So I decided to transition from breakfast foods to lunch to make sure I got my money’s worth. I ended up being able to down a pancake, eggs benedict, fruit, pastry, shrimp cocktail, seared tuna, mushrooms, fresh hummus, tiramisu, chocolate tart, strawberry pastry, and probably a few other items that I can’t remember now. People are impressed with the amount of food I’m able to handle (shocker).

After breakfast, I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and hit the deck to read and enjoy basking in the sun. So I claimed a seat and relaxed for the entire afternoon. I’m getting to know people on board and now it’s becoming very social where I’ll wave at several people throughout transiting the decks. It’s quite fun!

After a full afternoon of enjoying the pool and sun deck, I met a woman named Cherie. She and I got into a really intense discussion of life and such, and formed an unusual bond that made for almost a couple of hours of talking seem like minutes. I look forward to seeing her again!

Every evening, we see funny towel-gami, towels folded into unique creatures.. sting ray, monkey, turtle. It’s been really fun to see the little surprises they give us!

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