New Year’s Day & Sub Zero Temperatures!

img_0533-1.jpgToday we went for a drive around the city, since NO ONE was out and about on the roads, it was easy to drive around and see some sights without the annoying traffic. We first tried to find a place to eat, and unfortunately, almost everything was closed, so we ended up at McDonald’s. We then headed for Moscow State University since this was a place that I wouldn’t be able to visit easily from the Metro. Today actually was -10C. The past few days were -3C and that was easy. But today, was the first time I actually felt the pain of cold. While at the State University for pictures, I would take off my gloves just to manipulate my camera long enough to take some pictures, and by the time I needed to make more chanes, my hands were hurting and so cold that I couldn’t even move them. It’s the first time I’ve ever had such a sensation. I actually felt like the hands were starting to freeze, and it would slowly move further along my body. It was so strange because my whole body was fine, it was just my exposed hands. We continued walking around and went to the edge of hillside where we could look out over Moscow. To the right there was a ski jump that was built that I had seen several times before in the distance while driving around the city. So I finally asked about it’s use, and apparently Evgeny said that it’s not in use because there was a miscalculation and professional jumpers could end up flying too far past the range of where they thought they could go. So it’s no longer in use!

img_0555-1.jpgAfter the University visit, I wanted to take some more photos of the beautiful subway system. It’s actually one of the most charming things I find of Moscow, so I enjoy spending time looking at all the stations. They’re all different and feature different architecture, art, and Soviet reminants. Plus, since it was so cold outside, it was nice to be underground and warm for a while! There is a main ring that circles the city, so Evgeny dropped me off and I decided to ride the ring for a while and stop at several stops. I only made it about half way before I figured I should turn around and head home to be back in time for our dinner with some of Evgeny and Masha’s friends.

img_0598-1.jpgThe dinner was again excellent, and their friends had a little 3 year old girl Anna, that came to play with Grisha. We played games, sang songs, and enjoyed another long dinner until late evening. These great dinners Masha is making confirms the idea of holiday weight!

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  1. Ben how gracious of Masha and Evgheny to be such terrific hosts, and we can see she’s feeding you well! What a wonderful experience for you! Hope you got a photo of Grisha and the cotton candy!

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